Book Review #2

1. The book I decided to go with for my book review was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, by J.K Rowling (412 pages). My main reasoning on why I chose this book was because for my last book review I did the book prior to this one and the fans clearly made it known that they wanted me to continue the series. As like most peopl Ie would hate to see my fans disappointed, so I obliged and read a much larger than required book.
Like the first two Harry Potter books, this one starts once again with Harry finding himself in his least favorite place to be (the Dursley’s). The Dursleys are up to their usual antics, in which that is making Harry feel like a worthless speck of dust. But this time it was even worse when an old relative named Aunt Marge comes to visit, and there is nothing more she enjoys than giving Harry a hard time. Harry finally hit his breaking point and cast a spell (highly forbidden in the Muggle-World) on Aunt Marge, which made her swell up and float like a balloon. Harry runs away from the Dursleys’, knowing what he did could potentially get him get kicked out of Hogwarts, Harry then realizes he probably screwed everything up, when out of the blue comes The Head of the Minister of Magic himself, Fudge. But instead of being scolded, Harry is opened with welcome and very happy arms of Fudge and just happy that Harry is not hurt. Harry gets reunited with his friends back at Hogwarts, with everything seeming like it was back to normal. That is until word spread that a high-profile criminal by the name of Sirius Black had escaped the Prison of Azkaban, and was seen close to Hogwarts. Word was that Black, who was thought to have gone to the Dark Arts side, was aiming to get revenge at Harry. The school was now put into high security. Harry and his posy were no longer able to do their sneaking around school, but Harry still managed to sneak around with his Invisibility Cloak. But the cloak was not able to block out what Harry had heard about his family and how they had died when he happened to overhear some teachers talking at a bar in Hogsmade. With all this new information soaked in his brain, it was impossible for Harry to not seek the revenge of his parents’ deaths, which meant he would have to kill Black.

2. What I most liked about this book is all the suspense and unanswered questions that could only be tied up together once you completed the book. I think that J.K Rowling does a fantastic job leaving vivid images in your head throughout the whole book, and also making it very hard to put down once you get going.

3. I enjoyed pretty much everything about this book and have no complaints about it what-so-ever.

4. My overall impression is whether you think Harry Potter might be childish for someone older, or whether you just don’t enjoy fiction, that you should still give it a shot, the crazy dreams you have at night flying on a broom are worth it in itself.


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