IMWAYR: Dreams of Flying on a Broom

Unfortunately, I totally thought for some reason that book review #2 was due this week, and went on to read the whole Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, by J.K Rowling (412 pages). Although I am a little upset with myself that I did something ahead of schedule for once, I am a little more excited about next week, because I just have one less assignment to complete. I really do not want to do a whole repeat of what I just wrote for my book review, so I will just talk about some of the weird dreams I have when I read Harry Potter books. My whole life I always hated reading that was until a day came where I found myself relocated in a whole new environment, with not really much friends and a cat. To pass time, I started reading. Slowly I became addicted to the warming feeling you get when you finish the last page of a good book. From there I realized how much my dreams were enhancing, and that alone was enough for me to keep reading, so when I came into Comp 2 and was told that I was required to read, I didn’t sweat it at all. The only reason I chose Harry Potter for my book reviews, was because I was gifted it for Christmas. Normally I like to read real harsh-life stories, like firsthand accounts of the lives of child soldiers in Sierra Leon, and that sort of thing. To pick up Harry Potter was a new kind of thing for me, and boy am I happy I did, because although it is interesting to read some of the lives people have to live with, it starts to put a dark cloud in your dreams for a while, and Harry Potter was the perfect way to clear that cloud. Other than that I have pretty much just been working and cooking, although I did score a pretty nasty goal in my Sunday soccer league that I am in!


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