IMWAYR: Week 13

Yet another Monday where I find myself squandering around the homestead looking for any sort of reading material that I can write about. What I stumbled upon this week was nowhere near as exciting as the “washing your rice” story that I talked about last time. After logging onto Yahoo, to try and find some interesting material, I was only saddened to find out that the majority of the articles consisted of depressing stories. Though knowing the remainder of my day was ruined, thanks to having to find something to talk about here I kept pushing through. What I found was “Why Millenials are most dangerous behind the wheel”. And to no one’s surprise, the reason why they are such terrible drivers is *drum roll*… CELL PHONES! But I am not going to talk about how kids should put down their cell phones because I know how hard that is, but what I will talk about why it only effects millennials. That is the sole reason that adults have no friends, meaning they have less incoming notifications to their phone. If the adults in our days had cell phones, they would be doing the same exact thing today. As a kid, you want to be the center of the universe, and thanks to social media you really can feel like you are the center of attention. So it is very easy for young kids to get distracted 24/7 by the cell phone.

The next interesting thing that I read about was about United Airlines stopping teenage girls from boarding flight due to leggings. This one sparked a lot of controversy, and I am going to go against the majority and agree with United Airlines. It is a privilege to be able to fly, so you should respect the rules that the company enacts. No ladies want to see a large man in sweat pants with his butt crack sticking out on a flight, so why should someone else have to see girls wearing leggings. Second off, the airport is filled with creeps, why would you want another man having a clear shot look at the figure of your teenage daughter?




Book Review: Week 12

For this week’s book review, I decided to keep going with my Harry Potter reviews. I am currently on the fourth book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, by J.K. Rowling, 636 pages. Luckily enough for me, Professor Brown did not make me read the whole thing, so I will only be doing this review on the first half of the book.

The book started off a little different than how the first three books started. With Harry waking up from his scar giving off a burning sensation. He knows that there is only one reason why his scar gives off that pain, Voldemort is up to something. He then remembers his terrible dream he had, which caused him to wake up. He vividly remembers Voldemort talking to someone in a chair, and a large snake slithering around. With him not wanting to scare his friends, and also the whole wizard world, he keeps it to himself, which is something he knows he should not have done.

Even though I only read the first half of this book, I can already tell it is going to be one of my favorites. The new wizards and creatures that our introduced in this book bring in so much excitement in my opinion. My favorite part of J.K. Rowlings writing is the imagination behind some of these bizarre creatures. To me, it opens up my own imagination so much more and brings me back to the days of my childhood when I thought creatures like this really did exist in real life. I also love to see how much Harry, Hermoine, and Ron are growing throughout these books. It makes it feel like they really are part of the family.

“If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.”- J.K. Rowling

I highly doubt there is any people out there who have stopped reading after the third book, but if there is, I would just like to point out you’re missing one of the best books yet (I have only read up to this one, so I am not saying this is the best one yet out of the series). Also for anyone who has already read the series, I suggest going back and re-reading this dime of writing by the great J.K. Rowling.

P.S., It is a shame people strive to see this book banned.



Week 9 Blog: Book Review

     The Most Famous Boy to Never Exist 

For this week’s book review, I decided to go with Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, By J.K Rowling (308 pages). By now everyone is already well-aware of just how big of a catalyst this book was for J.K. Rowling’s career. When this book first came out, I was still in Elementary School, and not that into reading at the time. It would take a good solid 10 years to finally pick up this book and see if all the hype was what it lived up to be.

The book starts off with a young boy named Harry Potter, Harry, who had been forced to live with his Aunt and Uncle, due to his parents dying in a car crash when he was a baby, was never treated like the other kids. He was constantly under siege of scolding for doing things that he had no control over, like getting yelled at by his guardians for his hair growing back too fast. Not only was it miserable living with his Aunt and Uncle alone, but the fact that he had to over-and-over again be hearing about how great of a child his cousin Dudley was. Dudley always had a thing for bullying Harry and anyone who even showed Harry any sort of attention.

Everything changed one morning when Harrys’ uncle was startled to see that Harry had actually gotten mail from someone. To Harry’s disappointment, he was not able to read the letter and it left Harry’s mind running as to who it could be from. The letters were not going to stop coming in until Harry had read it, which meant that the Dursley’s had to travel to a little hut in the middle of an island just to escape these letters. But that would not stop the letter from being delivered. This is when Harry gets his first taste of the Wizard World. Just as they thought they were safe from the letters, a man tall enough to make a professional basketball player look small strutted into the shack to give Harry his letter. This was the first non-Muggle that Harry had ever met, and from the stories that he told Harry, Harry was so bumfuzzled as to how a boy like him could be a wizard.

“To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”- J.K. Rowling

After going through the initial shock of having your whole world be turned upside down, the only thing Harry could help to do is question everything he was ever told about himself. It must not be easy for a boy to go from

After going through the initial shock of having your whole world be turned upside down, the only thing Harry could help to do is question everything he was ever told about himself. It must not be easy for a boy to go from ashamed kid living in a cupboard with a weird scar on his forehead, to being one of the most famous wizards in one day.

The rest of the book contains Harry’s first year of learning everything about a world that he never even knew existed. Thanks to the help of two of his fellow Gryffindor friends, Hermoine and Ron. With Harry already acquiring some enemies (both teachers and students) just by being the famous wizard who defeated Voldemort. But for Harry he is not just settled with being the man who mad Voldemort disappear, he wants to get his revenge back on Voldemort for the murder of his parents. With Harry having close eyes watch him wherever he goes, doing unsanctioned actions at Hogwarts is never an easy task.


556 words


IMWAYR: Blog 2 Wash Your Rice!

Although I much rather have this blog topic be, It’s Monday What Are You Eating”, I will compromise to talk about what I am reading. I am still reading the Harry Potter series, and currently am stuck on book number 4, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, By JK Rowling 730 pages. I am a little tired of reading about Harry Potter, but for now it’s a good book for me to be doing my reviews on. But most importantly, what I read is something that might change anyone who reads this life forever. Being the learner that I am, I decided to do my daily Yahoo News check to see what the world is up too. Now I really am mad at Yahoo News currently because of the articles about President Trump. It is not that I am a fan of the president (I could really care less who our president is) I just really am tired of him taking up majority of the major articles. When I check Yahoo, I want to read an article about a 7 foot shark that’s body was chomped in half, and washed up on a beach here in Florida, or even maybe just a video of an animal doing something goofy.

“Land really is the best art”- Andy Warhol

So now that I got that little rant out of the way I can move on to the more exciting things that I read on Yahoo this week, and yes that is the life changing article I read about the importance of washing your rice before you cook it. I really do encourage you to click the link and give it a read; it should only take you a few minutes. But basically what the article is saying is that a study was recently conducted in Britain measuring the arsenic levels in rice. The high levels of arsenic are a direct result from improper and over usage of pesticides. We all know rice comes from China, and let us not forgot that China is the same country that put lead in our dog food, destroyed many people’s homes with Chinese dry wall, and the fact that the only thing they care about from Americans is our money. Back to the study it pretty much says that the only way to get the arsenic out of the rice is to let it soak overnight. Coming from someone who has worked in the food business their whole life I can tell you from first-hand experience that no restaurants do this. So next time you go to Chipotle (nastiest food in the world) just think about how much cancer-causing arsenic is soaking into your body. Please people wash your rice!

IMWAYR: Dreams of Flying on a Broom

Unfortunately, I totally thought for some reason that book review #2 was due this week, and went on to read the whole Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, by J.K Rowling (412 pages). Although I am a little upset with myself that I did something ahead of schedule for once, I am a little more excited about next week, because I just have one less assignment to complete. I really do not want to do a whole repeat of what I just wrote for my book review, so I will just talk about some of the weird dreams I have when I read Harry Potter books. My whole life I always hated reading that was until a day came where I found myself relocated in a whole new environment, with not really much friends and a cat. To pass time, I started reading. Slowly I became addicted to the warming feeling you get when you finish the last page of a good book. From there I realized how much my dreams were enhancing, and that alone was enough for me to keep reading, so when I came into Comp 2 and was told that I was required to read, I didn’t sweat it at all. The only reason I chose Harry Potter for my book reviews, was because I was gifted it for Christmas. Normally I like to read real harsh-life stories, like firsthand accounts of the lives of child soldiers in Sierra Leon, and that sort of thing. To pick up Harry Potter was a new kind of thing for me, and boy am I happy I did, because although it is interesting to read some of the lives people have to live with, it starts to put a dark cloud in your dreams for a while, and Harry Potter was the perfect way to clear that cloud. Other than that I have pretty much just been working and cooking, although I did score a pretty nasty goal in my Sunday soccer league that I am in!

Book Review #2

1. The book I decided to go with for my book review was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, by J.K Rowling (412 pages). My main reasoning on why I chose this book was because for my last book review I did the book prior to this one and the fans clearly made it known that they wanted me to continue the series. As like most peopl Ie would hate to see my fans disappointed, so I obliged and read a much larger than required book.
Like the first two Harry Potter books, this one starts once again with Harry finding himself in his least favorite place to be (the Dursley’s). The Dursleys are up to their usual antics, in which that is making Harry feel like a worthless speck of dust. But this time it was even worse when an old relative named Aunt Marge comes to visit, and there is nothing more she enjoys than giving Harry a hard time. Harry finally hit his breaking point and cast a spell (highly forbidden in the Muggle-World) on Aunt Marge, which made her swell up and float like a balloon. Harry runs away from the Dursleys’, knowing what he did could potentially get him get kicked out of Hogwarts, Harry then realizes he probably screwed everything up, when out of the blue comes The Head of the Minister of Magic himself, Fudge. But instead of being scolded, Harry is opened with welcome and very happy arms of Fudge and just happy that Harry is not hurt. Harry gets reunited with his friends back at Hogwarts, with everything seeming like it was back to normal. That is until word spread that a high-profile criminal by the name of Sirius Black had escaped the Prison of Azkaban, and was seen close to Hogwarts. Word was that Black, who was thought to have gone to the Dark Arts side, was aiming to get revenge at Harry. The school was now put into high security. Harry and his posy were no longer able to do their sneaking around school, but Harry still managed to sneak around with his Invisibility Cloak. But the cloak was not able to block out what Harry had heard about his family and how they had died when he happened to overhear some teachers talking at a bar in Hogsmade. With all this new information soaked in his brain, it was impossible for Harry to not seek the revenge of his parents’ deaths, which meant he would have to kill Black.

2. What I most liked about this book is all the suspense and unanswered questions that could only be tied up together once you completed the book. I think that J.K Rowling does a fantastic job leaving vivid images in your head throughout the whole book, and also making it very hard to put down once you get going.

3. I enjoyed pretty much everything about this book and have no complaints about it what-so-ever.

4. My overall impression is whether you think Harry Potter might be childish for someone older, or whether you just don’t enjoy fiction, that you should still give it a shot, the crazy dreams you have at night flying on a broom are worth it in itself.

Book Review #1 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

`For my book review, I decided to go with Harry Potter: and the Chamber of Secrets, by J.K Rowling (341 pages). The reason I decided to go with this book was just due to the fact that I had recently been gifted the whole collection of Harry Potter for Christmas, and saw that is was one of the options to choose from. Before I even go into the review, I’m going to state that although Harry Potter is easily the most famous books, and generally everyone knows most of what happens because of the movies, reading it is so much better than I had previously expected. If you are someone who is convinced that you do not need to read the books because you already saw the movie and know everything that happens. Please change your mindset, because the words cannot describe the vivid imagery that your brain concocts when reading these books.
Now that my background story has been said, let us actually move onto the book. In the first book of the Harry Potter series, Harry all-in-all has a successful first semester at Hogwarts. Things start to change for him though after the school year ends and is forced to spend the summer with the Dursleys. The Dursleys treat him even worse than before, and at one point lock him in his cupboard room, not allowing him to leave back for school. To make it even worse a little house-elf named Dobby tells him that bad things are going to happen to Harry Potter if he returns to Hogwarts. Luckily though his good friend, Ron, hears about Harrys’ problems and comes to save him from the Dursleys.
Things get even worse for Harry when the train headed back to Hogwarts was blocked thanks to a magical spell conducted by Dobby. Harry and Ron are forced to take Rons’ fathers magical car. Just as they reach Hogwarts, the car starts sputtering crashing into a very sacred tree. Not even have been at the school for less than an hour and Harry is already being threatened with suspension. The big conflict in this book is that someone had opened the chamber of secrets, and a monster was killing students, which put the safety of the school in extreme danger. The only way that Hogwarts were to stay open, was if the monster was caught. Things get even worse when news comes that Dumbledore is to be suspended. A quote I really enjoyed from this book was when Harry is last talking to Dumbledore before he leaves and Dumbledore tells him, “you will find that I will only truly left this school when none here are loyal to me…”(Rowling 264). With Harry in a predicament, he does the only thing that a true legend like himself would, and that is figure out how to close the chamber of secrets. As Harry starts to put pieces to the puzzle together, he finds himself miles below the school, and face to face with the man who made him a hero in the first place, Lord Voldemort.