IMWAYR: Week 13

Yet another Monday where I find myself squandering around the homestead looking for any sort of reading material that I can write about. What I stumbled upon this week was nowhere near as exciting as the “washing your rice” story that I talked about last time. After logging onto Yahoo, to try and find some interesting material, I was only saddened to find out that the majority of the articles consisted of depressing stories. Though knowing the remainder of my day was ruined, thanks to having to find something to talk about here I kept pushing through. What I found was “Why Millenials are most dangerous behind the wheel”. And to no one’s surprise, the reason why they are such terrible drivers is *drum roll*… CELL PHONES! But I am not going to talk about how kids should put down their cell phones because I know how hard that is, but what I will talk about why it only effects millennials. That is the sole reason that adults have no friends, meaning they have less incoming notifications to their phone. If the adults in our days had cell phones, they would be doing the same exact thing today. As a kid, you want to be the center of the universe, and thanks to social media you really can feel like you are the center of attention. So it is very easy for young kids to get distracted 24/7 by the cell phone.

The next interesting thing that I read about was about United Airlines stopping teenage girls from boarding flight due to leggings. This one sparked a lot of controversy, and I am going to go against the majority and agree with United Airlines. It is a privilege to be able to fly, so you should respect the rules that the company enacts. No ladies want to see a large man in sweat pants with his butt crack sticking out on a flight, so why should someone else have to see girls wearing leggings. Second off, the airport is filled with creeps, why would you want another man having a clear shot look at the figure of your teenage daughter?