IMWAYR: Blog 2 Wash Your Rice!

Although I much rather have this blog topic be, It’s Monday What Are You Eating”, I will compromise to talk about what I am reading. I am still reading the Harry Potter series, and currently am stuck on book number 4, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, By JK Rowling 730 pages. I am a little tired of reading about Harry Potter, but for now it’s a good book for me to be doing my reviews on. But most importantly, what I read is something that might change anyone who reads this life forever. Being the learner that I am, I decided to do my daily Yahoo News check to see what the world is up too. Now I really am mad at Yahoo News currently because of the articles about President Trump. It is not that I am a fan of the president (I could really care less who our president is) I just really am tired of him taking up majority of the major articles. When I check Yahoo, I want to read an article about a 7 foot shark that’s body was chomped in half, and washed up on a beach here in Florida, or even maybe just a video of an animal doing something goofy.

“Land really is the best art”- Andy Warhol

So now that I got that little rant out of the way I can move on to the more exciting things that I read on Yahoo this week, and yes that is the life changing article I read about the importance of washing your rice before you cook it. I really do encourage you to click the link and give it a read; it should only take you a few minutes. But basically what the article is saying is that a study was recently conducted in Britain measuring the arsenic levels in rice. The high levels of arsenic are a direct result from improper and over usage of pesticides. We all know rice comes from China, and let us not forgot that China is the same country that put lead in our dog food, destroyed many people’s homes with Chinese dry wall, and the fact that the only thing they care about from Americans is our money. Back to the study it pretty much says that the only way to get the arsenic out of the rice is to let it soak overnight. Coming from someone who has worked in the food business their whole life I can tell you from first-hand experience that no restaurants do this. So next time you go to Chipotle (nastiest food in the world) just think about how much cancer-causing arsenic is soaking into your body. Please people wash your rice!